Bridal Shower

src-bridal-showerI was recently asked to do cupcakes, cake pops and cookies for a vintage bridal shower. I usually just stick with cookies because cakes and cupcakes are so unforgiving. However, I decided to accept the challenge! In addition, I had never really had cake pops with the exception of when I bought one at the store and it was kinda gross!! Thankfully, everything came out really nice. I’m telling you, it’s amazing how small details can really make something extraordinary. I cannot emphasize that enough and we all have the ability to create small details without paying a fortune for them. Continue reading “Bridal Shower”

Boss’s Day 2016

tophatterUnless you work for yourself, we all have bosses. Hopefully, have a good one who does not micromanage, recognizes your strengths, your unique quirks, and encourages you to strive to be your best like my boss, Julie. She is obsessed with this auction website called Tophatter. So, I had to poke fun at that by making these cookies for her. Continue reading “Boss’s Day 2016”


superheroI did these cookies for a superhero themed trivia night. We were trying to win the contest for best decorated table, but we had way too much food and not enough decorations!! 🙂 Trivia night is always fun especially when you win! Some people go for the entertainment and food, but we definitely play to win! So, I guess we have something in common with these guys 🙂 Continue reading “Superheroes”


emojisI know, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve posted, but that does not mean that I have not been working! I did this set for Erika and I must tell you, that poop emoji is hilarious to me. I remember when I first saw it, I thought it was a chocolate ice cream. When my niece told me what it was, I thought how silly is that?!  But, apparently it’s a thing!
Continue reading “Emojis”

Kate Spade Themed

rattlesI did these cookies for a Kate Spade themed baby shower. Prior to that, I did not know much about Kate Spade, but I learned quickly. I am constantly learning something when I decorate cookies and this time was no exception!

Gold dragee embellishments made the rattles not so ordinary. And I used a stencil to make easy work of the black and white striped bibs.

dylans-showerCongratulations again Tony and Erica! Baby Dylan is very lucky!!! 🙂

Father’s Day 2016

Chicago Bears MMAI did these themed sets for Father’s Day for my friends Quincy and Grant.  For the Bears logo, I just flooded the background blue and added in the orange details using thin, squiggly lines. From a distance it looks really detailed, but up close, it’s just squiggly lines that give the essence of all of the details. I thought they turned out really good!

The MMA themed cookies were made using mostly edible ink, so they were SUPER easy to do! Continue reading “Father’s Day 2016”