Father’s Day 2016

Chicago Bears MMAI did these themed sets for Father’s Day for my friends Quincy and Grant.  For the Bears logo, I just flooded the background blue and added in the orange details using thin, squiggly lines. From a distance it looks really detailed, but up close, it’s just squiggly lines that give the essence of all of the details. I thought they turned out really good!

The MMA themed cookies were made using mostly edible ink, so they were SUPER easy to do! Continue reading “Father’s Day 2016”

Mother’s Day 2016

Mother's Day 2016
Happy Mother’s Day

If you have taken the time to read my posts, you will find that I often talk about my family. As we celebrated Mother’s Day with our Mom this weekend, I found myself once again reflecting on how wonderful she is and how truly blessed we are to have her in our lives.

My Mom is the best!! And I hope that you share the same sentiment about your Mom. We only get one, so cherish and honor her (even when she drives you nuts!!)  And if your Mom has gone on to a better place, just remember that she is always with you…


Hula Girls

Hula GirlsMy Mom met her friend Ana on a plane while they were traveling. It’s my understanding that they started talking and formed a friendship. How cool is that?!  I venture to say that the conversation was precipitated by my Dad because he can literally talk to anybody!!

My parents recently visited Ana and her family in Hawaii. So, when she said Ana’s birthday was coming up, she thought it would be nice to send her a set. So, this is what I designed for her. Happy Birthday Ana!!!

Hula Bouquet


Marine Theme

MarineI was on the computer one night browsing and came across this organization called Operation Cookie Takeover. The organization is designed to send cookies to men and women in the armed forces all over the world.

I was very excited and honored when I received the email from them with the service member who would be receiving my cookies!! I did this Marine set for him. Thank you again LCPL Francisco and every military member past and present for your dedication and service to our country. God Bless You!


Sweet Memories

Memories 2We all at some point have to deal with a loss. It’s just a part of life. I believe that loss is one of God’s ways of making us pause from life to reflect and be reminded of Him.  He gives us personal memories so you never forget your loved one and what they meant to you.

In doing this set, I thought when you lose a loved one, there are few Earthly things that can truly console you; however, every attempt counts.  I’m praying for you Naimika on the loss of your Dad.